Choose from these online services:

Pty Ltd Companies
New Company – register a company with no auditor – free tax number!
Shelf Company – select a pre-registered Pty Ltd company off the shelf
Name Application – apply to reserve a Pty Ltd company name first
Share Certificate Application – issue all your share certificates online
Director Changes – change your Pty Ltd directors and their details
Memorandum of Incorporation – old act company apply to adopt new act articles
Name Change – apply to change your Pty Ltd company name
Restoration – restore a Pty Ltd company and reverse final deregistration
Deregistration – apply to deregister (close down) a Pty Ltd company

BEE Certificate – if your business turnover is R10m or less per year

Non-Profit Companies
NPC – Non-Profit Company – replaces sec21 companies for charities, etc

Sole Proprietor
Sole Proprietor Registration – All-in-one: trade name, tax, certificate

Trading Names
Trade Name Search – check the availability of a name for your use
Business/Trading/Defensive Name Registration – register your t/a (trading as) name
Business/Trading/Defensive Name Renewal – renew your t/a name every 2 years

Close Corporations
You can no longer register new Close Corporations – Pty Ltd Companies have replaced them. But you can still do all of these things with your existing Close Corporation:
Association Agreement – make an agreement between CC members
Changes – change your CC name, members, addresses, etc
CK1 Document – obtain a copy of your first CC certificate
CK2 Document – obtain a copy of the most recent CC certificate
Conversion – convert your CC into a Pty Ltd company
Name Application – apply to reserve a CC name
Restoration – restore a CC and reverse final deregistration
Deregistration – apply to deregister (close down) your CC

Trust Registration – form a trust for charity, trade or protecting your assets

South African National Database
Conada – list your Pty Ltd Company/CC for greater exposure

InfoCheck – certificate of info on any CC/Pty, directors, etc
InfoSpec – special information on any subject
Information Manual – for Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

Bookkeeper SA – accounting services for bookkeepers

Annual Financial Statements
Prepare AFS within 6 months after the end of financial year

Annual Returns
Annual Returns – submit status details for a Pty/CC to registrar

FixedBooks – easy-to-use monthly bookkeeping system

Business Plans
Business Plan – to organise your business or apply for finance/funds

Tax Registration – apply for an income tax number for an individual/CC/Pty
Tax Clearance – apply for a certificate for tenders/good standing
PAYE Registration – apply to SARS to deduct and pay over employees tax
UIF Application – register your workers to insure against loss of work
VAT Application – register your business for Value-Added Tax
WCA Application – Workers Compensation insurance for worker injury

Trademark Application SA – secure a name/logo in SA
Trademark Application US – secure a name/logo in the USA

Offshore Companies
New Company – incorporate and run a South African company from your own country!
Shelf Company – select and operate a pre-registered South African Pty Ltd company.

Cloud Websites – website creation, hosting and maintenance